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heavyHeavy Hauling

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$ 60 – Hook up and tow for first 5 miles (Local Light Duty)  

$3 – per each additional mile


Looking for a worry free tow truck? Maybe you need to transport heavy equipment or your motorcycle broke down on the highway? Our team will be able to serve your needs with the appropriate tow truck service. Helping stranded neighbor’s get back on the road fast with friendly professionals in any type of Michigan weather conditions, day or night, is our primary goal. We are equipped to handle all of your towing needs. As we provide the area with leading tow truck services, no job is too big or too small for our team!

Light Hauling

Stranded? No problem, this is the most common call we get. Our light hauling services consist of towing any 2-4 door car, small pickup trucks, SUV’s or sports cars. With our team of fast and reliable team members, your vehicle will be on its way in no time.

Medium Hauling

Company truck or van stranded? We are here to help, providing towing services that assist with vehicles slightly bigger than standard, then medium hauling tow is what you need. With our team of fast and reliable team members, your larger vehicle will be on its way in no time.

Heavy Hauling

What are your heavy hauling needs? No job is too big for us! Because we are a leading towing service company in the area, we pride ourselves with State of the Art equipment capable of meeting the needs of our customers with safe and reliable services. Our professional staff takes care of the dirty work associated with heavy hauling such as mapping out routes and obtaining required permits for traveling within Michigan.


Riding a motorcycle on a warm summer day in Michigan is an experience like nothing else and that is what drives us to continue to offer services for all of our neighbors. As you may know, not every tow truck can tow a motorcycle. We are pleased to be able to properly connect and tow a motorcycle safely and securely with our friendly and professional staff. Most of our drivers are also riders, and know how important your bike is.

Low Boy Services

Looking to move machinery, motor homes or tractors? Look no further; our lowboy services are here for you. We currently help transport local rental companies, motor home manufacturers and construction equipment, so there’s no need to go anywhere else for your towing needs.

Transport Flatbeds

Unsure if your load needs a transport flatbed? We have your back with our knowledgeable team on your side. Does your load need to be raised by a crane or forklift because of the size or placement? Does the angle of your load require this lifting? If you answered yes, then it is very possible you need your load to be transported by flatbed. No sure what size flatbed you will need? Find out how we can help and fill all your needs, contact us now!

Things to Think About

Here are a few things to think about when choosing the right towing service:

  • What is the purpose of your towing needs?
  • What shape size is your load?
  • Do you need a forklift or crane to lift it?
  • How heavy is your load?

Still need help? Don’t see your towing needs on our list, just contact us and we will help solve your problem? Call our trained team of professionals here.