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Flat Tire

Have a spare?

Has the steering wheel pulled slightly to one side with a loud thumping sound ever happen to you? If so, it could be the sound of a flat tire. It is recommended to replace tires every 6-10 years but with the way Michigan roads are, tires are frequently damaged and punctured before 6 years.

We can quickly change your spare tire, getting you on your way with our flat tire service from trained professionals. Call us and we’ll have you driving in no time.

Fuel Delivery

Out of Gas?

Back in the day, if your car ran out of gas, you walked many miles to the nearest gas station. But everything has changed and that includes our fuel delivery services. You can’t always make your car run out of gas in a safe and secure location so call Best Towing and we will come to you and get you going on your way.


Need a Hand?

Did you get yourself in a jam? Sometimes our vehicles lose control due to weather conditions and sometimes we have a bit too much fun in them. Whatever the case, our winch-out services will get your stuck vehicle out in no time. Whether you are buried in a snow pile, stuck in the mud, or have slid into the ditch, our trained professionals will provide you with fast and reliable winch-out service.