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$ 60 – Hook up and tow for first 5 miles (Local Light Duty)  

$3 – per each additional mile


Auto Transport

Unfortunately, life happens to us all but no worries, Best Towing is here to help. We will provide safe and reliable transportation for a variety of scenarios and vehicles including long distance towing in Michigan, towing after an accident, and custom vehicles.

  • Accidents
  • Long Distance
  • Specialty Cars
  • Motorcycles


When there is an accident, a ripple effect can happen, causing life to become more difficult for everyone around, even if you aren’t directly involved in the accident. It’s vital for vehicles to be transported quickly to decrease the traffic congestion and bottle necking that happens around the scene of an accident.

We are proud to work side by side with local law enforcement agencies to collect and transport vehicles to local garages for assessment of damage and repairs quickly. By providing a skillful team to the scene of an accident for prompt vehicle removal, we aid in the safety of all the lives on the roadway.

Long Distance

Looking for long distance towing services in the state of Michigan? We will provide you full service transportation for your vehicle hassle free. Full insurance is provided for your entire trip, ensuring your vehicle is safely shipped from start to finish. We are equipped to handle all variety of vehicles from specialty cars to nonfunctioning car looking to be restored.

Specialty Cars

Transporting a specialty car is different than other towing services because there are methods that must be taken to ensure care and safety of the one thing you love most. These cars have a low ground clearance; therefore all necessary means will be taken to properly complete your needs. You will notice the difference when working with or highly skilled team

We know your specialty car needs the right kind of care when being transported and that’s why we fully insure and back our services all the while of providing the highest standard of service in the area.


Riding a motorcycle on a warm summer day in Michigan is an experience like nothing else and that is what drives us to continue to offer services for all of our neighbors. As you may know, not every tow truck can tow a motorcycle. We are pleased to be able to properly connect and tow a motorcycle safely and securely with our friendly and professional staff.

Let us get your bike back on the road and the breeze in your face. Have no fear, we can help now!